Color mix and match

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The unrepeatable - collecting memories. Fossils, geology, anthropomorphic casts. Exploring the origins of the Earth and going back to the beginning of it all - simplicity and minimal, pure materials meet technicality and musings about the future. Directional, unconventional design, celebrating oddities and the unexpected. 

With a focus on volumes, materials and technical details - this story could seem very futuristic driven in terms of aesthetic but looking closely textures and organic references become more apparent. Re-purposeful design takes cast offs and makes them modern. 

Colour: Take a neutral based palee and challenge the establishment. Bone and Fossil hued neutrals with a mid level Data Grey and dark Trapper Brown. 

#Re-balancing the evolution of Ancient with Futurism#Fossils, geology# simplicity#Pure#Textures

Inspiration from nature is reflected in color and design, with soft forms that have subtle appearances of intentional errors, and seemingly worn and torn textures of unexpected details. Additionally, unexpected design elements such as lace, layering, or simple perforations may also be present.

#2. Trend influences Promenade

This theme, which is conceptually a story about the joys of outdoor life during spring and summer days infused with modern romanticism, exudes an energetic and playful vibe reminiscent of park or pool-side leisure. By incorporating the colors of this palette, centered around white, you can create an overall atmosphere that feels refreshing, vibrant, and clean. 

#Modern Romanticism#Health retreats#Jogging,Tennis,Activity 

To bring the concept of romantic outdoor life to life through color, a sporty retro mood can be achieved with the use of light colors.

Everyday wear items, such as tennis wear, can be adapted to fit this style, along with active pique shirts, half zip-up T-shirts, pleated skirts, and more.